Dr. Steve Peters – Feeling Safe Is The Training

I recently listened to Dr. Steve Peters talk about equine neuroscience. The podcast is worth listening to in its entirety, but in case you don’t get to it here are a few highlights: Feeling Safe IS The Training – if a horse is agitated, it cannot learn. Such a simple and revolutionary concept that can Continue reading Dr. Steve Peters – Feeling Safe Is The Training

Mark Rashid & Jim Masterson Collaborative Clinic

Seeing these two horsemen work together this past month, out in Phoenix, inspired me a great deal. Both from the bodywork perspective and additionally from the aspects of riding and groundwork. I continue to integrate my experiences during bodywork sessions with my passion for encouraging and unlocking horses from the saddle and during in hand Continue reading Mark Rashid & Jim Masterson Collaborative Clinic

MM Training in England

Highlights:-Living on a Thoroughbred breeding farm for a week in the English countryside (aka Heaven on Earth)-English sheep, dogs, horses, tea, biscuits, cars, farms, trees, hares, polo ponies-Getting to learn alongside horse-people from all over Europe-Being paired up with a Dutch breathing therapist who encouraged me to make even more connections between my own breath Continue reading MM Training in England