“Elizabeth has been the key that opened the door to Raymond’s spirit. We originally contacted Elizabeth to do bodywork for Ray. Based on the dramatic results of that first session we knew she was someone very special, someone we wanted to work with our horse and us.

    Over time Raymond has learned to self soothe and even to request help when he is stressed or experiencing discomfort. She has opened the lines of communication so that he could find his voice in a gentle way. What’s more, Elizabeth has helped us learn to hear his subtle asks. 

   Beyond bodywork, Elizabeth has taught Raymond to cooperate peacefully and willingly in his groundwork. Prior to this his only way of expressing his frustration was to get bigger and louder in his responses. 

   Raymond loves his time with Elizabeth and so do we! We cannot recommend her highly enough. Happy horse, happy humans, wonderful relationship.”

-Mary R.

“I own a 17-year-old gelding that started showing signs of increasing stress and discomfort as he entered his later teens. A friend recommended the Masterson Method to me and provided me with Elizabeth’s contact information. I only heard wonderful things about her work and decided to give it a try with Cedric. After the first session I noticed a difference – Cedric’s demeanor was relaxed, like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders, and his body moved with much more fluidity.

Elizabeth explained the Masterson Method in a way that resonates with my values as a horseman. She encourages us to keep learning about what feels good for our horses, and that horses have a lot to say in movement and in stillness.

I love that the Masterson Method is based on the horse’s natural instinct to hide pain, and that there are no tricks or gimmicks involved to help them release pain and discomfort. Elizabeth and the Masterson Method have been a blessing for the relationship I have with my horse, and I encourage everyone to open their minds to this wonderful practice.”

-Savanah M.

“Elizabeth began working with us about 6 months ago and I am grateful every time we have a session. There was a noticeable difference in Honey after the very first treatment. It seemed almost that she finally found someone who really listened to her. While that may be anthropomorphizing, she did hold herself differently and was more willing to approach and interact with me. She continues to benefit from the Masterson bodywork, physically and emotionally.  Elizabeth is sensitive to Honey’s needs, patient, and extremely kind. She respects my horse’s dignity and treats her with respect. She is skilled at reading my horse, waiting until she is ready, and progressing at Honey’s speed. She helps Honey go just a tiny bit past her comfort level, never overwhelming her. 

I am a new horse owner, with very little horse experience before adopting Honey a year and a half ago. Working with Elizabeth has dramatically increased my confidence and increased my skill level. Elizabeth shows me the same patience and respect as she does Honey. She is willing to teach and re-teach, demonstrate and coach me through a task, and graciously do it again at the next session when I’ve forgotten. Elizabeth has a huge store of knowledge that she shares generously. Honey injured herself and was on stall rest for a month. The Masterson bodywork helped her get through that time. Elizabeth taught me techniques to use between sessions.” 

"I would whole-heartedly recommend Elizabeth as a bodywork specialist, trainer, and coach. I feel very lucky to have her work with us."

-Audrey S.

“My horse has been described as quite stoic. Herbie is a 21 year old Paint with kissing spine, navicular and he has been diagnosed and treated for EPM. I think he was very reserved when Elizabeth began working with him. He just doesn’t like to show his true self. But with Elizabeth coming every month to work her magic on him he is letting her help him to her full extent. The photo I’m sharing may be comical (well it is comical) but it is Herbie fully releasing all his stress after being worked on. This Masterson Method is truly amazing as she barely lays her hands on him especially with the bladder meridian technique.

At this point Herbie loves Elizabeth’s sessions and we do as well. It’s not just the techniques she uses, it’s her gentle spirit and ability to gracefully communicate with the horses as she works. I cannot recommend Elizabeth enough. I had never heard of the Masterson Method before but it is truly one of the best things out there for the health and well-being of a horse.”

-Sue T.

“We went from a horse tripping on the back sides of small jumps to tonight going around a 2′ 9″ with oxers, so balanced and forward. A horse I was planning to have a lameness exam on just in case and to see if we needed injections sooner than usual to a horse that we no longer feel the slightest need to do that. I am so pleased!! Thanks, Elizabeth!” 🥰

-Beth S.

Elizabeth is Magical!”
“I have been working with Elizabeth and my mare who had begun to sour for about 4 weeks and can only say this woman has a gift. You feel her love and respect for horses in everything she does. Her connection with the horse as she works her bodywork magic is palpable. It was beautiful to watch and as she worked, she shared about the horse anatomy as well as the mind, body and spirit connection in horses and between horses and people. Her understanding of the ways in which a horse communicates, both subtle and obvious, as well as what the horse is trying to communicate, results in a calm felt by everyone involved! Her interaction with me and with my horses is positive and encouraging and always considers both the rider and the horse’s best interest. Our mare is relaxed, willing and back to her old self. I have learned a great deal and, with her guidance, look forward to deepening the relationship I have with my horses.”

-Jane S.

“My 19 year old QH gelding was going through a very stiff stage. He was short-strided and unable to bend through his neck and ribs very well. It was to the point where I was considering whether or not he was able to be ridden anymore. I had Elizabeth come out and work on him and in a few sessions he is back to his willing, forward self. She has worked magic on him. We use Elizabeth once a month now to keep my guy happy and moving forward.”

-Skyler D.

“Elizabeth worked with my 22-year-old Arabian ex-show horse Tempest, who has issues being comfortable under saddle, though he’s vet-checked sound.  He can’t hold an extended trot without breaking into a canter, and tosses his head up and down in frustration. He has seen chiropractors, masseuses and vets who haven’t found a cause for this. After his first session with Elizabeth I was able to get on the saddle and walk him around comfortably and quietly right away, with no dipping of his head or other negative behavior. After two sessions he was even better, walking and trotting comfortably! What I like about the Masterson Method is that it encourages the horse’s body to realign and relax on its own rather than through physical manipulation and massage. I think that’s the difference and why it was such a breakthrough for Tempest. Elizabeth also showed me some simple exercises I can do on my own. I’m thrilled with the results, and Tempest and I look forward to continued treatments with Elizabeth!”

-Sara W.


“The Masterson Method is not new, but in each generation of practitioners the techniques acquire more enrichment and value. And yes, in the hands of some practitioners it seems the techniques are magical in their effectiveness. Elizabeth Appleyard is such a practitioner. It is simply a case of the “right” person doing the “right” thing. I ride a lovely, strong horse who seems to have been waiting a lifetime for someone to turn the keys of “release”.  

Watching Elizabeth work with 1,500 pounds of very solid and patterned muscle has been fascinating. The technique encourages the horse to engineer the responses from the inside. There is no manipulation of the horse. The horse “wakes up” to parts of his/her body that have been stuck. Curiosity, trust, and release merge and the body literally reforms itself into a relaxed, open and unguarded silhouette. I have done a lot of bodywork for my horses through the years: chiropractic, acupuncture, laser, different forms of massage, magnetic wave therapy – not to mention supplements, medications and diet.

I cannot promise that every horse will experience the same results as mine, but what you will learn about your horse, what you will witness in the interaction between Elizabeth and your horse is absolutely worth the cost of a session. That I can promise…”

-Donna G.

Elizabeth is the best! Ever since she has started to work on my horse I’ve noticed a huge change in how he feels when I ride and even when we do ground work. She has always been great at helping me to understand exactly what she’s doing and has even taught me some very useful things that I can do by myself to help my horse release tension. Highly recommend!

-William B.

“Earlier this year, I moved my 18-year-old Arabian Show Horse to a new barn and Elizabeth was one of the first people I met.  After a light and friendly discussion regarding what she does for a living (I asked), I was very impressed and asked her if she would be willing to work on my horse.  I watched her while she did her thing, she explained in detail what she was doing and why, and my horse loved it!  Even after the first session I noticed a difference.  My horse was moving more freely, he was very relaxed and it wasn’t as difficult to pick up the right lead canter – typically a difficult issue with his age.  I immediately signed up for a three pack.  Even before the first three sessions were complete, many of my friends committed about how great my horse looks under saddle and were asking – what caused the change?  An added benefit was how flexible Elizabeth was with scheduling the visits so I could watch.  She is a new-found gem and I will use her services for as long as I have horses!”

-Dana P.

“Elizabeth has used my mare to help hone her skills while becoming certified in the Masterson’s technique of equine body work. My mare is a redheaded warmblood who is on high alert 90% of the time. I watched as Elizabeth transformed her into a relaxed recipient, offering blinks, chews and yawns, she even laid down afterwards.  I was amazed. 
I have found my mare to be more receptive, calm, and less in “flight” mode the more Elizabeth works on her. I wanted to know more about how the Masterson technique works and Elizabeth was able to educate me.  Generous with her knowledge, Elizabeth is a great teacher. And because she rides and rehabilitates she understands the dynamics of physiology and temperament, she treats the whole horse.  I now schedule sessions with Elizabeth as part of our maintenance budget, right up there with the farrier.  Elizabeth is an essential.”

-Bob C.
Crane Equestrian Arts

“At the beginning of quarantine I read one of The Masterson Method books and with the limited knowledge I gained from that saw an improvement in the horses I used it with.  Then I heard about Elizabeth, she was hosting a clinic on the basics of Masterson at our barn!  In that short clinic I learned a lot more and tuned up what I was doing with the horses.  I asked her to come work on the horse that I shareboard, who is VERY stubborn about showing any signs of release.  She worked with him for almost 2 hours and the change, not only in his demeanor but his body was amazing!  He physically looked different, bigger, more defined, I was shocked.  He was much less guarded when touching some of his more sensitive areas.  I have worked with him only once since Elizabeth worked with him (It’s been less than a week) and just doing the bladder meridian and a few other things he was so much more willing to release and relax. There is a more playful side of his personality coming out and I love it!  Thank you, Elizabeth for helping me find the happiest version of him.

-Beth J.

“Elizabeth was very helpful with my Morgan. After the first session, I noticed my mare was calmer and gentler with both humans and other horses. Elizabeth is very knowledgeable and worked well with all of the members of my herd. I appreciate how she explained things to me as she worked. Even the mini horses liked it!”

-Peter A.

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