Help Save the Lives of Rescue Horses!

Fundraising for Casey’s Safe Haven (NFP)

A few folks asked about supporting me by buying an Appleyard Equine t-shirt. I loved the idea of having friends and family representing Appleyard Equine. I researched where to donate the proceeds and after visiting the farm, I am delighted to be supporting Casey’s Safe Haven!

I met Nancy Young, the Treasurer, for a tour of the facility. What a special place. Upon setting foot in the driveway, the smell of mature trees and grass blended perfectly with a slight smell of equine. The barn is immaculate- swept and cleaned regularly and beyond it was the sight of horses outside on pasture. They are working very hard to make sure that horses in need are supported through diet, exercise, consistent routine, herd and most of all a healing environment. I was so excited to look around that I completely forgot to take any photos, so please check out their website and for all that they are doing.

If you are interested in buying a shirt to support them, please go to: or message me for more information. I will be filling 1-2 local orders in Illinois.

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