Session 1 vs. Session 2

In the first session with a new client, I spend time establishing trust and mutual understanding between the two of us. Whether the horse has received bodywork before or not, I like to show that the communication between us goes both ways. I am not there to make the horse do or feel something, but instead to listen and respond to the signals I am shown and adjust accordingly. This allows us to order to work together in relaxation and gentleness. I find this goes a long way, in particular with horses that are experiencing discomfort. The last thing I want to add to their life is more tension and bracing.

Below are two videos to provide an example of the difference between Session 1 and Session 2 with the same horse, only about 10 days apart. I am sharing them to help illustrate the change that occurs after a successful first session in which the horse and I communicated well. In subsequent visits I am able to connect more and more effectively with the horse, allowing for deeper work and better results.

I am at a very light level of connection yet her nervous system shows strong response and she is unable to hold the position I put her hind leg in. My response is to give her space until she invites me back in by turning to look at me and check in.
Deep relaxation almost from the very beginning of the session. Bigger releases, bigger range of motion and overall a much more comfortable horse. An added bonus for neighbors on both sides of her stall doing their own releases as well. ☺️

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