Can you regulate your heart?

We all know how strong the sensations of the heart can be. The chest-filled-to-almost-exploding love we can feel and also the brokenness of loss that feels like we have been split open from the inside out. The power of the heart area is profound. Years ago, when I first learned about the Heart Math Institute, it made so much sense that we could finally study and “see” this heart field. The current research and practices on their website are aimed at helping people to learn to tune in and regulate their heart rhythm in order to alleviate symptoms of stress and promote health.

I am particularly drawn to the Heart-Brain Communication research and how it affects the nervous system. While doing Masterson Method® bodywork, we are hoping to help shift the horse from sympathetic into parasympathetic mode, even for just a few moments. This allows for the horse to reap all of the benefits listed in blue below, also known as the “rest and digest” mode. The incredible bonus is that by paying attention to our own body, softening/breathing/tuning in, we can help to shift our human selves into parasympathetic mode as well. This is why so many bodyworkers feel better themselves after a session with a horse.

Whether you have a horse to practice with or not, I hope you take time to tune into your heart today. Here is a quick video with one of the techniques from Heart Math. I share it this morning in the spirit of learning and connecting. 💗

Added November 23, 2022 – A fantastic article by Maddy Butcher related to HRV.

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