Group Workshops

Group Workshops facilitated by Elizabeth to demonstrate Masterson Method techniques and then practice them under her guidance.

Do you want to learn how to read the subtle signs that your horse is showing you?

Do you want to follow those signs to help release tension in their bodies?

Do you want to show your horse that you want to communicate and be present to them?

Do you want to empower your students, clients and/or volunteers to become better horse people?

Do you want to have a way to connect with your horse more fully?

Do you want to learn another way to spend time with your horse beyond riding or grooming that is both fun and fulfilling?

If yes, then contact Elizabeth to schedule a fun and informative group workshop.

Who these workshops are designed for:

  • Horse Owners
  • Trainers
  • Barn Managers
  • Volunteers at equine rescue or therapeutic settings
  • Experienced horse people and those brand new to horses
  • Young and young at heart equestrians (all ages are welcome)

What is taught:

  • Masterson Method Techniques (example: Bladder Meridian, Hind End Points, Sacrum Float)
  • Basic equine anatomy (example: location of the TMJ, Scapula, Sacroiliac Joints, etc.)
  • How to read your horse’s language as they communicate with you
  • How to help with your horse partner to be comfortable and heard