William – January 9

In this session I continue using the Bladder Meridian Technique on William. Now that he is accustomed to the technique I find he lets go of tension sooner than he did when he was still figuring out what I was doing. I usually do the entire scan twice because I find the horses I am working with let go more on the second scan. This makes sense to me both because the tension is easing up but also because they know what to expect so they begin to let their guard down a little bit more.

The way Jim Masterson demonstrates the process is to scan the horse’s body, (approximately along the Bladder Meridian) in order to find where the horse is holding tension. You discover this by watching for the horse to blink as you scan along his or her body. Once you see a blink, the idea is to wait there with your energy/intention until you see the horse release (yawn, lick, chew). These actions signify the horse has let go of at least some of the tension he or she was holding in that area. You start on the left side of the horse, around the area of the poll and move over the Bladder Meridian to the tail. Then you start again on the right side, moving front to back.

He makes the best faces!! 🥰

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