Slew – January 7

My buddy Slew is an off the track Thoroughbred who is about 7 years old. He has some issues with his sinus cavity and recently had surgery to help alleviate a blockage. He is a head-shy, loving and curious horse. Note how he holds his head high with a very rigid neck in the first video. These videos are from the second time I worked with him. I am only using the Bladder Meridian Technique.

Also, please know that Slew finds grooming very intense, so while I would love the get the dirt and mud off of him first thing, I wait until he is more comfortable and relaxed before I groom him. This way I avoid adding to any tension he might be carrying and allow him to have positive associations with my work. I promise he gets clean after the bodywork session.

Second side of Bladder Meridian

I need to keep him on the cross ties while I work because he dances around quite a bit. My hope is that during the session I can move to 1 cross tie only or even a lead rope over his neck. It took me about 20 minutes to get to this first release. After about 50 minutes he had progressed to this:

I am still using the Bladder Meridian Technique. I love how long his neck is as he stretches on his own. His head is also held much lower than at the start of the work. He is such a sweet boy!!!🐴

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