William – December 3

More Bladder Meridian Technique for this guy today. We worked inside since it is windy out there. I decided to do bodywork after I rode him. I love the Bladder Meridian because you can use it just about anytime safely and effectively. In this case I had about half an hour before I needed to head home. It worked out perfectly that I could let William cool down without his blanket on while I worked and then throw his blanket on just before I left.

The Masterson Method bodywork is having a profound effect on my relationship with William. I just started shareboarding him in September, so we are still getting to know one another. I noticed in October when I started with this technique that he and I connected almost instantly. He can tell that I am listening to him and paying attention to his subtle language and that makes him trust me. It feels like I can really show him that I want to be a part of his life to provide safety, relaxation and fun and it is so nice to be able to communicate that to him.

Today he again showed that interest in checking in with me while I worked. I am also learning that he does that as a fidget just before he releases. He almost always releases just after he checks in with me, like in the video above.

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