Assisting at a Masterson Method Weekend Seminar

It was a pleasure to help Coralie Hughes to teach one of the recent Masterson Method Weekend Seminars. I had a wonderful time getting to assist new students as they took the first step in becoming certified. It also allowed me to reconnect and spend a few days with Coralie, one of my coaches and colleagues and her special herd of horses. We lucked out that it was beautiful end of summer weather and had such a nice group of people to work with.

It was so amazing to see the unfolding and learning happening with the students. They all worked hard at not working so hard! 🙂 And at softening their hands and shoulders, learning to see the subtle tensing of the horses, and following Coralie’s guidance to let go of an end result and do the best they could in each moment. Coralie’s horses are an amazing set of teachers as well, so it was a treat to work with them again. There is so much to cover at these events about anatomy, herd dynamics, levels of touch, safety, not to mention all of the actual techniques themselves that the two days always go by incredibly fast. I only took a few pictures because I was so caught up in what everyone was doing, but suffice to say the pictures don’t capture all that we learned and accomplished.

Great job to all who participated! I feel confident you are going to help a lot of horses and their people to be healthy and happy. I hope to see you at another Masterson Method event soon. Who knows, maybe I will get one organized at a local Illinois barn!?

2 thoughts on “Assisting at a Masterson Method Weekend Seminar

  1. This sounds fantastic. What a great learning for all involved, a giving and receiving that benefits many. Thanks for the work. When can you offer a weekend like this in Maine? I hope it will be safe to do so soon.


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