Masterson Method Weekend Workshop

What an awesome weekend in Tucson with Jim Masterson and his team! 🌵I am still processing all that I learned. The best part of the clinic was having a ton of hands on time with Jim and his assistant trainers providing instant feedback. I learned so much more by being in person for two days than I had in the previous few months practicing on my own.

🐴For each of the following areas we first watched Jim work on a horse to demonstrate the technique and then split into pairs to try it on our own:
-Bladder Meridian
-Lateral Cervical Flexion
-Head up & Head down
-Scapula (Down and Forward & Down and Back)
-Under Scapula release (C7-T1 Junction Release)
-Withers Wiggles
-Six Hind End Points
-Hind End (Down and Forward & Down and Back)
-Lateral Rocking

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