William – October 16

This video is from one of my first times using the Masterson Method on my lovely friend, William. 🦄 Although I had done the Bladder Meridian technique on him before, this was the first time I saw him truly release anything. The way Jim Masterson’s method works is by reading the signs the horse is giving you about where tension and/or discomfort might be located in his/her body. While I was working on William, I saw him blink and held my attention and energy at that spot, but did not see much of a release. He seemed comfortable and happy, so I kept going.

Once we got to the second side (his right side), we had a breakthrough. All of a sudden, he let it all go! I love how he checks in with me after the first big yawn. I guess we were both surprised! 🥳

Look at those blinks and yawns!! 💞

The second half of the video doesn’t show any big releases but it does show how calm and relaxed he is. Note that he is not restrained in any way but doesn’t move a hoof the entire time I am working. He is in the zone! 🙌

We continue to practice the Bladder Meridian scan. I guess it is time to order my first Masterson Method book and add in some other techniques!

Enjoy some pictures of this cute boy!

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